Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Slow Scan TV experiments from the International Space Station - 4th & 5th August 2020

On the 4th & 5th of August 2020, there will be Slow Scan TV transmissions from the International Space Station on 145.800 MHz.

See below....

MAI-75 SSTV activity planned for Aug 4 and 5, 2020

The final crew schedule for the week of Aug 3-9 was released recently and it showed a MAI-75 activity scheduled for Aug 4 and 5. This is soon after the Space X Demo-2 undock so changes to that event could impact the schedule.

This is the Moscow Aviation Institute SSTV experiment that is activate for orbital passes over Moscow, Russia. It has traditional been PD-180 or PD-120 and transmitting on 145.800 MHz.

**Update Aug. 3**
Looks like they made an adjustment to the schedule for Aug 5.
Aug 4 (12:25-18:10 UTC) is setup and day 1.
Aug 5 (08:15-18:25 UTC) is day 2 and close out of operations.

These are the passes for my location on the south coast of Ireland but they should be good for anyone in the UK or Ireland.

Tuesday 4th August 2020 (UK & Irish time which is UTC+1 hour)
15:21 to 15:27
16:57 to 17:04 (High pass)
18:34 to 18:41 (High pass)

Wednesday 5th August 2020
14:33 to 14:39
16:09 to 16:16 (High pass)
17:46 to 17:53 (High pass)

19:23 to 19:29

In a previous post HERE, I outlined how the European Space Agency had a series of video tutorials on how to decode SSTV signals from the International Space Station.

For a really simple set-up then just download the Robot36 app to your smartphone and hold it next to your 2-metre radio. See this post HERE

Updates on the ISS SSTV activity will be on this website...

Updates... I lost two images as I wasn't used to the Robot36 app on the smartphone. Lots of controls in the programme but no instructions. I finally figured out that I needed to press the 'floppy disk' symbol to save the image as a photo as soon as the image was decoded. Need to be careful with the 'Play' / 'Pause' controls as this wipes out the previous photo. I also have the volume on the radio very high to get something showing in the green control bar.

Decoded at 17:40 UTC on the 4th. Not great but it's a start

Wed 5th Aug 2020... They seemed to have updated the format with more SSTV images sent on each pass.

Weak signal with two periods where the signal dived into the noise

Another image decoded on my phone

There was another pass at 5:50pm local time and I got two more decodes...

I would probably need to spend more time adjusting volume levels with some test signals to get things right. However, it's not bad for just holding a mobile phone next to the radio.

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  1. These are always great fun! I don't know why they call them 'experiments', because the signal strength and reliability is so strong that you can often get perfect images downloaded, even with a simple vertical. I'll see what I can manage today. Thanks for the heads-up.