Cork VHF Group

The Cork VHF Group is an informal gathering of local radio amateurs who hold a net on most Tuesday evenings to promote more activity on the VHF and UHF bands in and around Cork City and County.

The EI VHF Activity night started in April of 2018 and that gradually evolved into the Cork VHF Group net in November of that year.

We also have a mailing list and a reminder is sent out every Tuesday about the upcoming net. If you would like to be added to the list then just contact me via the email address below.

Please find below details of our net. Comments and suggestions to ei7gl AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

Updated 1st Feb 2021...

The current schedule is as follows...

1st Tuesday of the month (2m)... Cork VHF net at 9pm on 145.475 MHz FM.


2nd Tuesday of the month (70cms)... Cork VHF net at 9pm on 433.475 MHz FM.


3rd Tuesday of the month (4m)... Cork VHF net at 9pm on 70.2625 MHz FM.


4th Tuesday of the month (Digital)... Cork VHF Digital Net on DMR Talk Group 2723 at 9:00pm. The backup frequency is the DMR calling frequency of 438.6125 MHz (CH3).

The purpose of the 4th Tuesday is to promote digital radio be that DMR, Fusion, D-Star or one of the online platforms.

If anyone wants to have a chat about digital radio then the net can be moved to a local FM frequency or a local repeater. Just let us know in advance.


5th Tuesday of the month (Experiments)... It is proposed that when there is a 5th Tuesday in a month, we use it to try something new or different.

The 5th Tuesdays in the year 2020 are...
Tues 31st March 2020... SSTV experiments with smartphones
Tues 30th June 2020... Proposed 5.6 GHz ATV experiments
Tues 29th September 2020...
Tues 29th December 2020...

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