88-108 MHz

The Band 2 FM broadcast band from 88 to 108 MHz can be interesting to monitor. Under normal flat conditions, signals up to 150 kms away can often be heard from an elevated location.

When the band is effected by  Tropospheric or Sporadic-E propagation, many more distant stations can often be heard.

More often than not, it's a case of listening between the strong local stations for the weaker long distance signals.

Some links...

Useful website for lists of stations in the UK and Ireland... http://www.frequencyfinder.org.uk/

PDF document showing FM stations in Ireland... http://www.frequencyfinder.org.uk/Irish_Radio.pdf

Large PDF document showing FM stations in the UK & Ireland... http://www.frequencyfinder.org.uk/FM_Stations.pdf

FMLIST.ORG... FM Frequencies for Cork

FM-Radio SWL website in Cork (Updated 2008)

Skywaves Band 2 Forum

Updated 21st May 2020

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