Medium Wave

In addition to amateur radio, I have an interest in listening to weak AM signals on the Medium Wave band... (531 to 1602 kHz).

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External Links... 
1) My old website ...with scans of the FM and AM bands from Cork (circa 2008).
2) Medium Wave DX-ing on Wikepedia
3) Medium Wave Circle ...a group for Medium Wave DX-ers in Europe
4) Medium Wave List dot Org ... a list of medium wave stations in Europe, Africa & Asia by Günter Lorenz
5) Medium Wave Radio Dot Com ... UK Medium Wave Tranmitters Map & Info
6) Radio Reference Dot Com ... Forum for HF, MW & LW listening.
7) BBC technical document from 1957 explaining Medium Wave and Long Wave propagation.
8) German Medium Wave list for Central Europe

Updated 20th Mar 2024

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Anonymous said...

630 and (the quite weak nowadays) 657 kHz AM transmissions from BBC R. Cornwall due to close in a few weeks: