Medium Wave

In addition to amateur radio, I have an interest in listening to weak AM signals on the Medium Wave band... (531 to 1602 kHz).

...31st March 2018... Daytime MW band scan using basic domestic radios
...17th April 2018... Night time scan of the MW band using basic domestic radios
...23rd April 2018... Old BBC report shows the impact of sea paths on Medium Wave signals

External Links... (Updated 5th Apr 2020)
1) My old website ...with scans of the FM and AM bands from Cork (circa 2008).
2) Medium Wave DX-ing on Wikepedia
3) Medium Wave Circle ...a group for Medium Wave DX-ers in Europe
4) Medium Wave List dot Org ... a list of medium wave stations in Europe, Africa & Asia by Günter Lorenz
5) Medium Wave Radio Dot Com ... UK Medium Wave Tranmitters Map & Info
6) Radio Reference Dot Com ... Forum for HF, MW & LW listening.
7) BBC technical document from 1957 explaining Medium Wave and Long Wave propagation.
8) German Medium Wave list for Central Europe

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Anonymous said...

630 and (the quite weak nowadays) 657 kHz AM transmissions from BBC R. Cornwall due to close in a few weeks: