144 MHz

This page contains links to some of the 144 MHz related posts that have appeared on the blog. I hope to add more content to this page in time but for the moment, it's mainly about examples of long distance contacts on 144 MHz.

Trans-Atlantic related posts...
144 MHz trans-Atlantic path from Cape Verde to the Caribbean opens up again ...May 2020
144 MHz Trans-Atlantic record extended to almost 4,760kms (D4VHF - PJ2BR) ...8th Apr 2020
Opening from the Azores on 144 MHz results in several contacts in excess of 3,000 kms ...19th Sept 2019
Article on 3000+ km contacts on 144 MHz by G4SWX ...10th Aug 2019
144 MHz Trans-Atlantic path opens again ...(Cape Verde to Caribbean ~4400 kms) ...June 2019
Historic Trans-Atlantic Contact made on 144 MHz from Cape Verde to Guadeloupe ...(4400 kms) ...June 2019
WA1ZMS...the 2m trans-Atlantic beacon??? ...Aug 2009

Other long distance 144 MHz contacts...
Remarkable start to the New Year with a new 144 MHz tropo record from Cape Verde Is to Western Scotland ...(4776 kms)... 1st Jan 2020
4,400km opening between Cape Verde Islands and the City of London on 144 MHz ...30th Dec 2019
D41CV and GM3SEK set new 144 MHz tropo record of over 4500 kms ...28th Dec 2019
Recent 3000km+ opening on 144 MHz between New Zealand and Australia reported ...(3174 & 3102 kms) ... 9th Dec 2019
144 MHz opening from Cape Verde Islands to Germany ...(4966 kms) ...23rd July 2019
A closer look at the 144 MHz opening from Cape Verde Islands to Italy, Slovenia & Austria on the 9th of June 2019 ...(~4300 kms to 5100 kms) ...July 2019
144 MHz path opens up between Cape Verde Islands and Germany ...(~4870 kms) ...3rd July 2019
2700km contact made on 2m from South Africa to St.Helena Island ...Nov 2018
G3SMT works Cape Verde Islands to set new 144 MHz Tropo record ...(4431 kms) ...25th Sept 2018
EI3KD works Cape Verde on 144 MHz to set new Region 1 DX record ...(4163 kms) ...5th Aug 2018
New World Meteor Scatter Record on 144 MHz ...(DL-EA8 3428 kms MS & Tropo)... 7th Aug 2018

Updated 16th May 2020

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