Monday, September 20, 2021

5000km+ paths on 144 MHz recorded in South America as the TEP season begins - 20th Sept 2021

It was interesting to note that there were several openings over the last few days on 144 MHz between the Caribbean and South America.

The map above shows the 5155km path that was open on 144 MHz between Aruba and Argentina.

P41E 144300 LU8FLB 00:59 20 Sep 21 Tep Argentina

The DX spot was most likely for a SSB signal and the propagation mode was TEP or Trans-Equatorial Propagation.

At around the same time, the path was open for FG4SU in Guadeloupe to the south of Brazil.

These are the FT8 spots...

20th Sep
Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
FG4SU PY2OAL 2m FT8 4566 km 01:04:59
PY2BL FG4SU 2m FT8 4649 km 00:27:44

Notice how the signals from the two locations are different. At 144 MHz, only signals that cross the Geomagnetic Equator at right angles tend to get propagated via TEP. What this means is that stations near Aruba work Argentina while stations further east in Puerto Rico work the south of Brazil.

While I was looking up some information for this post, I noticed that there were also TEP openings on 144 MHz on the 17th and 19th of September.

PY5EW 144174 FM5CS 01:04 17 Sep 21 FT8 -13 dB 1716 Hz Martinique
PY2OAL 144175.2 FM5CS 01:00 17 Sep 21 FT8 TNX 4300KM TEP Martinique
PY2EDY 144174 FM5CS 01:18 17 Sep 21 FT8 -5 dB 1651 Hz FK94 Martinique

PT9FD 144174 NP4BM 00:47 19 Sep 21 FT8 GG27OR TEP FK68LM TU QSO Puerto Rico
PT9FD 144150 WP4KJJ 00:28 19 Sep 21 Q65C TU QSO GG27OR TEP FK68 Puerto Rico

It's likely there are going to be plenty of more openings between the Caribbean and South America on 144 MHz over the next few weeks. It would be interesting to see some reports of similar openings from the south of Europe to Africa.

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