28 MHz

Useful links for anyone with an interest in the 10 Metre Band (28 to 29 MHz).

Antennas for 10 metres

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Oblong loop for 28 MHz & 50 MHz
3/8 wave ground plane for 28 MHz
Slim Jim Half-Wave for 27 & 28 MHz

Amateur TV (ATV) Experiments 

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More info about proposed amateur TV experiments on 29.250 MHz & 51.7 MHz ...Dec 2021

Beacons on 28 MHz ... There are several beacon lists but some are better than others

http://dl8wx.de/bake_kw.htm ...This is probably the best beacon list and is updated on a regular basis.
https://www.g0lgs.co.uk/showbeacons.php?band=10m&By=freq ... This beacon list by G0LGS is broken up over several pages and is slow to navigate
https://iaruhfbeacons.wordpress.com/hf-beacons/ ... This is the 'official' IARU beacon list but contains many errors
https://www.qsl.net/wj5o/bcn.htm ... Another big list of beacons but from a US perspective

CB / 27 MHz Links....Useful for checking propagation

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CB Division List... Useful to see where the band is open to.

Irish Church broadcasts on 27 MHz...by Harri Kujala in Finland
Church broadcasts frequency list (Feb 2016)...PDF document from  Patrick Robic

Equipment & Accessories

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Low Pass Filter for 29 MHz

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HF Beacon List...by G3USF
IARU Beacons on 28.200 MHz
DX Maps...by EA6VQ. Shows activity in Europe based on DX Cluster spots
DX Cluster for 28 MHz... DX Summit
Ten-Ten International ...Group dedicated to promote activity on the 10m band

Updated 8th Nov 2022

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