Some useful links... (Updated 8th Jan 2017)

SM3CER Contest calendar
RSGB VHF Contest Calendar

Digital Modes
WSJT...Software suite from Joe Taylor K1JT... Weak signal modes

Facebook Links
Digital Ham Radio Ireland Facebook Group
GI on the Air Facebook page
IRTS Facebook Group
South Eastern Amateur Radio Group (SEARG) Facebook Group

Transmission 1...Forum for Amateur Radio in the UK

General VHF Propagation
F5LEN...Tropo forecast for Europe.
WSPR website....Useful map for checking propagation.
G7IZU...Sporadic-E map for Europe

General HF Propagation
Current HF Ionospheric Conditions
Predtest... Predicted coverage on each of the HF bands for someone based in the UK
Live Critical Freq Map ... Live map showing the FoF2 Critical Frequency i.e. Frequency at which a signal sent straight up comes back down off the ionosphere.

CTCSS tones and frequencies

F6FVY...Find your locator square from Google maps.
CQ Zone Map of the World ...from EI8IC.
ITU Zome Map of the World ...from EI8IC

ICQ Podcast... UK based news service and podcast

WebSDR... Online receivers covering the Amateur bands

UK Repeaters.Net ...Website listing all the VHF repeaters in the UK
IRTS Repeater List... Irish repeater list

DK3WN...Current status of amateur satellites & info

Distance and Bearing Calculator
DTMF ...Online DTMF tone generator
Radius around a Point Map

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