Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Another 6000km+ TEP opening on 144 MHz from Namibia to Europe - 1st April 2024

As outlined in this previous post, there was a TEP (Trans-Equatorial Propagation) opening on the 144 MHz band between Namibia and Greece on the 31st of March 2024. As news spread that SV8PEX had been heard over 6500kms away in Namibia, more stations were active on the evening of the 1st of April.

This time, there were paths from Namibia to Greece, Italy and Malta and SV8PEX, 9H1TA and 9H1PA managed to complete contacts.

Alex, SV1NZX reports the following... "Tonight ends an exciting night for 2m #TEP QSOs - V51WW worked 9H1PA, 9H1TX and SV8PEX as well as receiving 4-5 other Italian stations in JN70, JN80. SFI measured at 125, K/A index at 5-8 and 1, all QSOs in Q65b, 30/60s."

This is a screen grab from SV8PEX in Greece...

This screen grab below is from V51WW and shows some of the exchanges with IK7UXW and IZ8EDJ  in Italy.

The screen grab below is from David, 9H1TX in Malta...

9H1TX writes... "Just finished my first TEP 2M qso with V51WW. I am totally closed to south but i elevated the system at 8 deg and was lucky to get his signal."

Analysis... As the map shows above, both stations are about equidistant from the Geomagnetic Equator and are crossing it at right angles, an important consideration for TEP signals at 144 MHz.

V51WW in Namibia is using 100w into a horizontal 9-element yagi 12m above ground level which is a pretty modest station. It shows that this TEP path to Europe is probably there a lot more often than people realise but the problem is that there weren't any stations in Africa to attempt a contact.

It would be interesting to see how far east and west in the Mediterranean the signal from V51WW can reach? How far from the 90 degree right angle at the Geomagnetic Equator can the 144 MHz signal go before it becomes impossible? EA6? IS0? 5B4? TA? SV5? SV9?

The Mediterranean is also an excellent location for tropo ducting. How far will that carry the signal north?

Are there any other stations at the southern end of the TEP zone? ZD7 (St Helena) to Spain seems an obvious one. Other paths?

It would be good to see more TEP reports from Europe to Africa on 70 MHz, 88-108 MHz and 144 MHz.


1) See my 144 MHz page for plenty of reports of other TEP contacts.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all ,
signals are auroral , not at all the same phenomenon than South america tep. Probably FT8 wont work
73 Dom F6DRO