Saturday, June 12, 2021

4000km opening on 144 MHz between the Azore Islands and Greece - 10th June 2021

10th June 2021: When the events on a day have to be broken up into three posts then you know something special must have happened! 😄

This is part 3 of 3.

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This post looks at the 144 MHz opening from CU3EQ on the Azore Islands in the North Atlantic.

There were at least eight paths on FT8 on 144 MHz that exceeded 3000kms and one was over 4000kms!

Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
SV8PEX CU3EQ 2m FT8 4008 km 16:56:57
CU3EQ IK7XWJ 2m FT8 3879 km 16:57:42
CU3EQ IZ8GGE 2m FT8 3706 km 16:14:11
CU3EQ IK2MKS 2m FT8 3117 km 16:59:44
CU3EQ IW2EQR 2m FT8 3059 km 16:37:41
IK2JUG CU3EQ 2m FT8 3052 km 17:03:27
IK2OLD CU3EQ 2m FT8 3042 km 16:57:59
IK1MTZ CU3EQ 2m FT8 2950 km 17:01:59

As outlined in a previous post, it looks as if there was an intense Sporadic-E region over the Sardinia / Corsica area and this 2000km or so hop was responsible for the eastern half of the path. As for the western half from Portugal to the Azores? This was probably a tropo duct although a second Sporadic-E hop can't be ruled. out.

4000kms from the Azores: It's very easy to just look and say, just another 4000km path on 2-metres. To put this perspective, let's have a look at 4000kms west from the Azores...

Q. Is a 144 MHz signal can get from Greece to the Azores, then why can't one get from North America to the Azores?

Q. Is anyone in North America trying? Is anyone in North America listening? Has anyone in North America even tried to make a sked?

Other Possibilities??? This 4000km opening raises some other possibilities....

Q. Is a 144 MHz opening between the Azores and the Caribbean possible???

Q. On the 10th of June, 144 MHz signals from Lebanon and Israel reached the west coast of Portugal. Is a 5,400km opening between the Azores and Lebanon / Israel possible?

For more examples of 3000km+ openings, check out my 144 MHz page.


F4BKV Vincent said...

I don't think the path from CU to west europe was tropo, but it was Es. Here from IN95 I listened from CU3EQ at same time as also listened and much stronger CT3HF and EA8JK with signal in the positive part on FT8, this last about 20min here then gone and it was clearly Es as tropo signals can not be that strong on my single 9elts. At the same time, I still have the Es path over sardinia opened and kept listening SV station few more hours. This mean two Es clouds were in action at the same time (the Sardinia one as much stronger)

So I strongly believe in this case that it was two Es clouds that link each other around spain

VO1HP said...

VO1FN VHF antennas now turned to monitor 144.174Mhz looking for Azores Decodes
Frank VO1HP