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Another 3000km+ opening on 144 MHz between the Canary & Madeira Islands to Italy - 11th June 2021

Friday 11th June 2021: Another day and another list of 3000km plus contacts on the 144 MHz band.

First, we'll look at the reports and then the propagation mode at the end of the post.

* * *

This is the FT8 map for EA8AIN and it shows the 3000km+ path to the south of Italy.

These are the paths over 3000kms...

Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
IK7XWJ EA8AIN 2m FT8 3529 km 10:38:41
EA8AIN IW7DLE 2m FT8 3497 km 10:33:59
EA8AIN IK7FPV 2m FT8 3440 km 10:34:26
EA8AIN IK7EOT 2m FT8 3439 km 10:42:14
IZ7NLJ EA8AIN 2m FT8 3423 km 10:42:41
I8IGS EA8AIN 2m FT8 3255 km 10:27:11
IU8JPG EA8AIN 2m FT8 3219 km 11:08:26
IZ8FQO EA8AIN 2m FT8 3209 km 10:59:41
IT9GSF EA8AIN 2m FT8 3067 km 11:08:11

Each of the other EA8 stations have similar paths so I will just present the data that was on the PSK Reporter website.


Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
EA8DEC IK8YFU 2m FT8 3195 km 10:32:59
EA8DEC IZ8GGE 2m FT8 3181 km 10:32:29
I8IGS EA8DEC 2m FT8 3153 km 10:30:41
IT9BGY EA8DEC 2m FT8 3089 km 10:31:41
EA8DEC IT9GSF 2m FT8 2965 km 10:36:29


Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
IZ7NLJ 2m FT8 3061 km 10:30:11
IZ0BYM 2m FT8 2791 km 10:30:14
IK0FTA 2m FT8 2750 km 10:30:14


Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
IW7DLE EA8UE 2m FT8 3429 km 10:31:59
EA8UE IK7FPV 2m FT8 3371 km 10:23:41
EA8UE IK7EOT 2m FT8 3370 km 10:27:14
EA8UE IZ7NLJ 2m FT8 3357 km 10:23:41
IK8YFU EA8UE 2m FT8 3220 km 10:22:29
EA8UE I8IGS 2m FT8 3178 km 10:23:41
EA8UE IK0SMG 2m FT8 3029 km 10:26:44
IT9GSF EA8UE 2m FT8 2990 km 10:20:44


Txmtr Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
EA8CXN IZ7NLJ 2m FT8 3329 km 10:34:29
EA8CXN IK8YFU 2m FT8 3195 km 10:31:59
EA8CXN IZ8GGE 2m FT8 3181 km 10:31:59
EA8CXN I8IGS 2m FT8 3153 km 10:29:29
EA8CXN IT9BGY 2m FT8 3089 km 10:32:59
EA8CXN IT9GSF 2m FT8 2965 km 10:39:56

* * *

CT3HF was active from the Madeira Islands and the paths are shown below.

Notice how the Sporadic-E pivots further south at the eastern end of the path. The path from 9H1TX was open to the Madeira Islands but not to the Canary Islands.

Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
ZA/IW2JOP 2m FT8 3391 km 10:36:27
IK8YFU 2m FT8 3044 km 10:34:29
IK8CNT 2m FT8 3028 km 10:42:29
I8IGS 2m FT8 3006 km 10:49:26
IZ8HXG 2m FT8 3006 km 10:42:56
IU8MHG 2m FT8 3005 km 10:49:26
9H1TX 2m FT8 2900 km 11:04:26

* * *

These are the spots from the DX-Cluster (Tropo in Blue)

Spotter  Freq.  DX  Time  Info  Country
G7RAU 144174.0 EA8JK 15:03 11 Jun IN79JX<TR>IL18CP cq, gl Canary Islands
EA4B 144174.0 EA8JK 14:51 11 Jun IL18--->IM68 FT-8 TNX Canary Islands
CT1HMN 144174.0 EA8DEC 11:26 11 Jun IM58<TR>IL18 Canary Islands
CT1HMN 144174.0 EA8AO 11:26 11 Jun IM58<TR>IL18 Canary Islands
CT1HMN 144174.0 EA8FB 11:26 11 Jun IM58<TR>IL18 Canary Islands
CT1AGS 144174.0 EA8AO 11:16 11 Jun FT8, tu Best 73 Canary Islands

EA5GJ 144174.0 EA8JF 11:00 11 Jun <ES> FT8 +2 dB 2095 Hz Canary Islands
IK7XWJ 144176.0 EA8ACW 10:54 11 Jun JN90FB<>IL28GC RRR 73 TNX QSO Canary Islands
IK7XWJ 144175.0 EA8AIN 10:45 11 Jun JN90FB<ES>IL18 Tnx qso fb 73 Canary Islands
IK0SMG 144174.0 EA8ACW 10:38 11 Jun TNX ES 73 Canary Islands
IK6DTB 144174.0 EA8JF 10:37 11 Jun TNX 73 Canary Islands
IK0FTA 144174.0 EA8JF 10:36 11 Jun ft8 1st Canary Islands
IK7EOT 144175.0 EA8UE 10:35 11 Jun FT8 +03 tnx qso Canary Islands
IT9GSF 144174.0 EA8CXN 10:19 11 Jun FT8 -8 dB 1378 Hz Canary Islands
IT9GSF 144174.0 EA8DEC 10:17 11 Jun FT8 -12 dB 1224 Hz Canary Islands
CT7ABA 144174.0 EA8DEC 09:58 11 Jun <TR> FT8 -18 dB 900 Hz Canary Islands
EA8ACW 144176.0 EA8EY 09:53 11 Jun tf8 -16 -11 Canary Islands

* * *

Propagation Mode: First, let's look at the tropo prediction map from Pascal, F5LEN.

At this time of year, there seems to be pretty much a continuous maritime duct in the 1300km stretch of water between the Canary Islands and the coast of Portugal. Any European station that can reach this stretch of water via a single Sporadic-E hop has the potential to work down to the Canary Islands.

On the 11th of June, it looks as if there was an intense Sporadic-E region over the north coast of Algeria and this allowed stations in the south of Italy to reach the duct off the west coast of Morocco.

However, if we examine the DX Cluster, we can see one spot from EA5GJ in the south-east of Spain suggesting there was a Sporadic-E opening at 11:00 UTC to the Canary Islands.

EA5GJ 144174.0 EA8JF 11:00 11 Jun <ES> FT8 +2 dB 2095 Hz Canary Islands

It just highlights that while the 3000km paths from Europe to the Canary Islands are probably one Sporadic-E hop plus a tropo duct extension, there must be times where the path is double hop Sporadic-E even if that probability is lower. At the peak of the Sporadic-E season in June, I don't think we can ever be 100% sure which it is.

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