Friday, April 9, 2010

More WSPR spots on 28 MHz...

An unusual spot this morning.......I heard G8JNJ on WSPR on 28 MHz.


2010-04-09 08:06 G8JNJ 28.126037 -18 0 IO90hx 10 EI7GL IO51tu 495 284

At the time, there doesn't seem to be any other reports.
G8JNJ was running 10 watts and the distance was 495 kms.

Mode of propogation....?

Tropo......10 watts over 500 kms! Very unlikely. Tropo propagation on 10 metres is very poor.

Sporadic-E......guess it's possible, you can't really rule it out.

Meteor guess is that it was probably meteor scatter. Even though you need a transmission 2 minutes long for WSPR, I have often heard very long bursts on 10 metre beacons. Even checking the trace a few hours later, I can see traces of some signal on exactly the frequency that G8JNJ is supposed to be on.

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