Thursday, October 18, 2012

WSPR on 28 MHz...Wed 17th Oct 2012

Some more good conditions on 28 MHz on the 17th again. Started off with WSPR station being heard in Australia and finished with ones near Los Angeles in California...

Two Australian stations were heard, VK5AKK near Adelaide and VK2FLR near Sydney.

VK5AKK was being heard or was hearing a lot of stations in Europe
In contrast, none of the stations in the UK were hearing VK2FLR.
His signal  went over the UK and landed in Ireland instead.
There was no shortage of backscatter? signals as well with lots of the stations in the UK being heard. GW7PEO and G4HZW were the most consistent.......
Signal to Noise of the UK stations heard on the 17th...
G4ILO.....-25dB (1 spot)
GW7PEO.....-22dB to -26dB (18 spots)
G4HZW......-20dB to -25dB (31 spots)
G4KPX.......-25dB (1 spot)
G4FRE........-23dB (1 spot)
GW3LEW......-25dB (1 spot)
G8JNJ/A.......-21dB to -26dB (5 spots)

All pretty weak signals buried in the noise. Typical of what might be expected for back scatter.

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