Friday, February 18, 2022

40 MHz page passes 20,000 pageviews - Feb 2022

Back in April of 2018, Irish radio amateurs got access to large parts of the low VHF spectrum including an allocation at 40 MHz. At the time, there was little or no information about this part of the spectrum and what did exist, was scattered across the web.

In June of 2018, I set up a dedicated page on the blog so that it would be easier for others to find out about the band. I regularly post about 40 MHz related openings and news on the blog and I keep all of the links to each post up on the 40 MHz page.

It is now the largest resource for information about the 40 MHz / 8m amateur radio band on the web and in February of 2022, it passed 20,000 pageviews! At the moment, it's gets about 500 pageviews per month.

The problem with information on Twitter, Facebook, email forums and magazines is that the information gets forgotten very quickly. It's hard to go back and see what happened before.

The real value of a dedicated 40 MHz page is having all the information listed in one spot. If someone wants to find out about what is happening on the 40 MHz band then there is a resource there where they get up to speed relatively quickly.

The 40 MHz page can be viewed HERE

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