Friday, October 28, 2022

End of the road for Southgate Amateur Radio News

I read this morning the sad news that Richard Brunton, G4TUT from Rayleigh, Essex, England, passed away. He was 77.

Richard was the editor of the popular Southgate Amateur Radio News website which is now offline.

The site had a daily digest of amateur radio news items with some space news thrown in the mix as well. It must have taken a huge amount of time to trawl various websites and collate all of that information on a daily basis.

I often noticed that the Southgate ARC news items was then in turn the source of news for many other amateur radio sites.


Andrew Zl3DW said...

That is sad news. It was my routine to check Southgate ARC news every day. I had noticed there were no new posts since 8th October and I knew he had some health issues in the last two years. RIP.

Andrew ZL3DW

Ria Jairam N2RJ said...

Very sad news. I often did commentary on news I found on southgate. It was a valuable resource and frankly more comprehensive than ARRL, RSGB or any of the others.

George HA5AOE said...

I was reading that everyday .... RIP

OE3WYC said...

Also was reading it regularily. Never thought only one amateur was behind that. Sad. RIP. Willy

Unknown said...

Richard and I were drinking and radio buddies for 30 years or so. I supplied "Tony's Ten" to add to his website. It will now be hosted here with very similar content.
Tony G4CJC

9a2ki said...

Very, very bad news for me and many amateur radio people.
I was little bit of Amateur radio and today try to find what i am missing , and it is Southgate AR news.
Find that Richard ( creator of this news ) passed away ,
so RIP dear virtual friend Richard
de 9a2ki ico

David MOXB0 said...

Such sad news - really good “go to” website and information which was provided by someone clearly dedicated to the hobby and an eye for detail. Unfortunately it’s too late to thank Richard in person. Rest in Peace Richard.