Friday, December 8, 2023

The 'Morse Phone' Oscillator Kit

I recently came across this morse code oscillator kit which some clubs or beginners might find of interest. While it is designed for JOTA (Jamboree on the Air for Scouts), it would be useful for say a radio club or Maker group to get experience of building an electronic kit with through hole components.

Steve, EI5DD in Co Galway in the west of Ireland did exactly this. Steve writes... "A few morse practice oscillator kits built over the weekend for our local scouts group following the interest during Scouts Jamboree on the Air."

A close up of the kit is shown above and it should be pretty easy to build. The 'morse key' is made out of a piece of PCB which is used as a lever / switch.

The image above shows a side view of it. The website that is selling the kit has a detailed PDF document where all the construction details and the schematic are shown.

This is the link for the kit...

Please note that I have no connection with this site or the kit. I didn't build it and it wasn't sent to me for review. I just noticed that Steve, EI5DD bought a batch of them and it helps promote the use of morse code / CW.

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Jack Krijnen said...

Hi, I am Jack PD0PAN, and Chairman of the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI and we run, on non profit base, the webshop The documentation and the kits can be found in our webshop. Also info about the background ( Fullerphone) and we also made a kit who can be combined with the Morse Phone so it can be wireless on 70CM radio.
All doumentation is on our webshop. We create kits to give scouts fun when they eperiance Techniks, soldering teh kits and then play with them

Feel free to visit our webshop