Wednesday, February 21, 2024

2024 10m QRSS Challenge: - PY3FF 21st Feb

As part of a challenge for 2024, I've decided to see how many QRSS signals I could capture on the 28 MHz band during the year. On the 21st of February, I managed to get a good capture of PY3FF in Brazil, South America.

The QRSS signal from PY3FF can be seen at the top of the screen grab above. Rafael reports running 700 milliwatts into a dipole from his location in the south of Brazil.

The path length was around 10,000kms and it's likely it was three F2 layer hops. The G0MBA/G0PKT duo also shown in the screen grab are from the east coast of England and are about 700kms from my location. I believe that I am getting those signals via F2 layer backscatter.

The VOACAP propagation map below shows that the path from my location to the south of Brazil is reasonably good.

It is however one of my worst directions as I have a hill that is 3-degrees above the horizon. On 28 MHz, the signals must have been above that angle.

In summary... That brings the QRSS tally so far for 2024 up to 13-callsigns & 8 DXCC.

1) 08 Jan 2024: VE1VDM - DXCC #1
2) 10 Jan 2024: VA1VM
3) 15th Jan 2024: G0MBA - DXCC #2
4) 15th Jan 2024: G0PKT
5) 15th Jan 2024: AE0V - DXCC #3
6) 16th Jan 2024: RD4HU - DXCC #4
7) 16th Jan 2024: W1BW
8) 17th Jan 2024: OH5KUY - DXCC #5
9) 18th Jan 2024: TF3HZ - DXCC #6
10) 6th Feb 2024: VA3RYV
11) 16th Feb 2024: IK2JET - DXCC #7
12) 16th Feb 2024: N8NJ
13) 21st Feb 2024: PY3FF - DXCC #8

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Rafael, PY3FF said...

Many thanks for the report John.
Nice to see my 700 mW crossing the Atlantic,
Rafael, PY3FF