Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Proposal to establish EI VHF Activity Nights

Proposal : Establish EI VHF Activity Nights

17th March 2018 : At present, the activity level on the VHF and UHF amateur bands is very low, possibly the lowest ever. It doesn’t help matters when the few radio amateurs that are active are spread across different bands and modes and are on air at different times.

The suggestion is that VHF activity nights should be established on Tuesday evenings. The RSGB hold VHF/UHF contests on certain Tuesday nights and the proposed schedule would tie in with those.

The schedule would be as follows...

First Tues of the month... 2m (Aligns with the UK)
Second Tues of the month... 70cms (Aligns with the UK)
Third Tues of the month... 6m & 4m
Fourth Tues of the month... Digital - Fusion / DMR / D-Star

Each activity period would be from 7 to 10pm. It's up to individuals to do what they want to do. SSB / FM simplex / repeaters. Local rag chew or try to see how far they can get.

The plan is to start it in Cork in April of 2018 and to try to encourage other areas to take part as well. I have asked the IRTS VHF manager to help publicise it on their website and newsletter.

Update : 3rd May 2018... The banner for the activity night is now up on the IRTS website.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest coordination with NAC contests. Tuesdays: 1st 144, 2nd 432, 3rd 1296 and 4th 2.3 and up = Micro. Thursdays: 1st 28, 2nd 50, 3rd 70 (but no 70 in SM). Time 19-23 CET i.e. 18-22 utc in winter, and 17-21 utc when DST active at summer. There are many countries following this all over Europe. 19-23 local EI time would be fine, we just have to work you at the end of our activity slot.
We also have a NAC open fifth tuesday when we operate 50 MHz and up. It occures 4-5 times a year.

Best regards