Sunday, March 1, 2020

Opening to South Africa on 28 MHz - Sun 1st March 2020

On Saturday the 29th of February, I dropped the 10m vertical due to high winds and Storm Jorge passed over the country.

I put it back up on Sunday the 1st of March and I caught a Sporadic-E on 28 MHz with an opening to Spain and Portugal.

The really interesting signal though was ZS6NL in  South Africa which I heard around 11:30 UTC.

Stations heard...
Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
DL1REM 10m FT8 1071 km 15:03:45
CT2FEY 10m FT8 1263 km 12:59:29
EA4I 10m FT8 1449 km 12:41:44
EA7KJE 10m FT8 1704 km 12:25:29
CT1IUA 10m FT8 1649 km 12:21:44
CT1FMX 10m FT8 1400 km 12:18:44
CT7AOL 10m FT8 1290 km 12:13:29
EA2A 10m FT8 1236 km 11:58:14
EA6XQ 10m FT8 1646 km 11:56:59
EA4M 10m FT8 1365 km 11:51:59
F4VTG 10m FT8 1315 km 11:50:14
EB1HRW 10m FT8 1164 km 11:49:59
EA4ESM 10m FT8 1318 km 11:49:29
EA4GWT 10m FT8 1330 km 11:47:14
ZS6NL 10m FT8 9328 km 11:30:14
EA6ACX 10m FT8 1601 km 11:26:14
EA6A 10m FT8 1617 km 11:23:59
EA3HKQ 10m FT8 1391 km 11:22:14
EA6VQ 10m FT8 1608 km 11:16:14
OE3WMA 10m FT8 1762 km 10:49:44
OM5XX 10m FT8 1941 km 10:48:59


Robbie Phelan said...

Hi John,

So Stations heard...or stations worked?

I don't really listen for FT8, and the beacons have been pretty quiet, I've only a End Fed 60ft sloper going from 8ft to 30ft pole.

Robbie, Ei2iP

John, EI7GL said...

These are reception reports Robbie.