Friday, April 29, 2022

Opening on the 40 MHz band between England & Croatia - 28th Apr 2022

Thursday 28th April 2022: The Summer Sporadic-E season has started to get into full swing in Europe with openings being reported on the bands from 28 MHz to 70 MHz.

On the 40 MHz band, there was an opening from England to Slovenia and Croatia.

Roger, G3XBM reports hearing the FT8 signals of 9A2Y in Croatia while 9A2Y heard the FT8 test transmissions from G3XBM who was carrying out experiments with his 'Innovation and Trial' permit from Ofcom.

Receive log for G3XBM...
 Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
9A2Y 8m FT8 1567 km 16:07:57
S50B 8m FT8 1220 km 14:44:42

Quite a few stations heard the FT8 transmissions from 9A2Y and it shows the growing interest in the 40 MHz band.

Stations hearing 9A2Y...
Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
G7PUV/A 8m FT8 1498 km 16:08:00
G4FTC 8m FT8 1575 km 16:07:59
G3XBM 8m FT8 1567 km 16:07:57
G0DJA 8m FT8 1716 km 16:07:56
EI9KP 8m FT8 2206 km 16:07:56
G8BQR/OWRX 8m FT8 1710 km 15:51:45
G9PUV 8m FT8 1503 km 15:48:00
ON5QRP 8m FT8 1093 km 15:47:56
G4APB 8m FT8 1527 km 15:13:12

DX-Cluster: The spots on the DX Cluster show that the Danish beacon on 40.071 MHz was heard in Croatia, France & Spain and ZG6GC from South Africa was heard in Spain.

9A3TN 40071.0 OZ7IGY/B 16:33 28 Apr JN85UH<ES>JO55 Denmark
F6HTJ-@ 40071.0 OZ7IGY/B 16:27 28 Apr JO55wn<ES>JN12kq 8m band sri Denmark
EA3ERE 40071.0 OZ7IGY/B 16:25 28 Apr JN11CX<ES>JO55WN cw pi4 -10 Denmark
S50B 40680.0 9A5CW 16:01 28 Apr cq Croatia 
S50B 40680.0 G9PUV 15:51 28 Apr England
EA3ERE 40680.0 ZS6GC 15:51 28 Apr <TEP> FT8 cq South Africa
EI9KP 40680.0 G9PUV 15:09 28 Apr IO54MB<>JO00AU FT8 -12dB England
S50B 40680.0 EI9KP 14:40 28 Apr Ireland
EI9KP 40016.0 EI1CAH 10:21 28 Apr IO54MB<>IO53CK PI4 -5dB Ireland
EI9KP 40013.0 EI1KNH 06:50 28 Apr IO54MB<>IO63VE WSPR -24dB Ireland

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