Thursday, August 2, 2018

Breakdown of amateur radio calls in the UK - July 2018

Southgate Amateur Radio News had an item today about the number of licences in the UK and how they are broken down. I had a look at the raw numbers for the nearly 88,000 licences and plotted it out as a chart.

Raw data is all very well but sometimes you need a chart to make things clearer. As can be seen, the Foundation licence accounts for the two most popular class of licence.

Foundation and Intermediate licences now account for 38.6% of all amateur radio licences in the UK.

From the Southgate ARC website...

Ofcom's response was that on July 5, 2018 the UK had a total of 87,983 live amateur radio callsigns. They provided the following prefix breakdown:

Call Sign Count of Live Prefix Call Signs
20 8612
21 1596
G0 8615
G1 4910
G2 164
G3 4631
G4 9157
G5 58
G6 4901
G7 5829
G8 4837
M0 8363
M1 2275
M3 9961
M5 297
M6 13777
Grand Total 87983

1) Southgate Amareur Radio News
2) UK call sign history - M0YBC

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