Thursday, August 30, 2018

Italian Paging System at 40 MHz...

There was a news item on the Southgate ARC website today about a new DAPNET POCSAG Pager Gateway being licensed in the UK.

After reading up a bit on it, I found a website which lists the frequency allocations for commerrcial paging devices and it turns out that there is one in Italy at 40 MHz.

As always, I try to keep a record of any 40 MHz information here on the blog for references purposes.

Copied text below......"In Italy the 26.225-26.935 MHz band (AM/FM, odd frequency steps) and 40.0125-40.0875 MHz (in 25 kHz steps) may be used for local pagers. These frequencies are often used for on-site hospital paging systems, including voice paging."

Going off the information above, the four Italian frequencies are...
40.0125 MHz
40.0375 MHz
40.0625 MHz
40.0875 MHz

As can be seen from the proposed 8 metre band plan from the IRTS, these pagers are in the beacon band.

Considering that pagers are only intended to receive local signals, it's unlikely that they are susceptible to interference from Sporadic-E type signals. However, those frequencies are probably best avoided for beacons in Ireland or elsewhere.

Low Band VHF Pagers... I have included a list of frequencies between 30 and 50 MHz which are used for paging systems below...

POCSAG Frequencies by Region

Frequency Location
47.000 MHz - 47.250 MHz European Union Standardized
31.725 MHz - 31.775 MHz (25 kHz steps) UK Medical
49.000 MHz - 49.4125 MHz (12.5 kHz steps) UK On-Site
49.425 MHz - 49.475 MHz (12.5 kHz steps) UK Medical
49.4875 MHz UK On-Site
30.000 MHz - 37.500 MHz (25 kHz steps) Ireland Hospital (ETS 300.224 Specification)
40.0125 MHz - 40.0875 MHz (25 kHz steps) Italy Medical
35.200 MHz - 35.260 MHz (20 kHz steps) USA
35.300 MHz - 35.540 MHz (40 kHz steps) USA
35.560 MHz - 35.660 MHz (20 kHz steps) USA
43.200 MHz - 43.260 MHz (20 kHz steps) USA
43.300 MHz - 43.540 MHz (40 kHz steps) USA
43.560 MHz - 43.660 MHz (20 kHz steps) USA
29.800 MHz - 33.920 MHz (10 kHz steps) Canada
36.260 MHz Canada (On-Site)
42.500 MHz Canada
31.325 MHz - 31.575 (25 kHz steps) New Zealand RP1B - RP11B On-Site


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Paul said...

Italy has both POCSAG and voice paging on 40MHz, I've decoded quite a bit of the POCSAG but it's only ever telephone extension numbers, presumably for the staff member to call.