Monday, July 8, 2019

Dutch 2m Propagation Experiment - 20th July 2019

Summary via Google Translate : 2 METRE PROPAGATION EXPERIMENT ON JULY 20, 2019 WITH PI40FL. 

A41 Flevoland calls on all radio amateurs to make radio connections on the 2 metre band on 20 July. Read on how you can make a positive contribution to this 2 metre propagation experiment.

On Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 17:00 to 19:00 UTC A41 Flevoland is organizing a 2-metre propagation experiment.

Help with this 2 metre propagation experiment
A41 Flevoland wants to collect as much data as possible and calls on all radio amateurs in the Netherlands to participate in this 2-metre propagation experiment. You can easily participate by making connections on the 2 meter band. Clublog has offered to collect the data. For this a41 Flevoland asks you to upload the log with the connections made to Clublog . 

Purpose of this 2 metre propagation experiment
The aim is to collect as much data as possible about connections made on the 2 metre band in a short period of time. It does not matter in which mode you will work and with whom you connect. Whether this is in CW, FM, SSB, DV or digimode, all connections made help in data collection.

No contest, share information and real receipt reports
This experiment is not a competition and, on the contrary, benefits from real receipt reports. So only give 59 if this is also the actual receipt report. Above all, make nice connections and share some more information than 59. This experiment is about collecting as much data as possible and not who can make the most connections or bridge the largest distance. Of course it is important that you enjoy doing this and you may rediscover VHF.

Other countries are also requested to participate
VERON invites all countries to participate in this experiment and to give it an international character. By getting all up in the air at the same time, this also increases the chance of international connections.

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