Saturday, July 6, 2019

EI3RCW - The Irish WSPR Receive Station

Some of the WSPR stations heard by EI3RCW on 80m
Regular users of the WSPR system may have noticed the call sign EI3RCW pops up on a lot of coverage maps. Located in the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) campus, the station uses a Funcube dongle and a Wimo 40m long wire antenna to monitor the various HF bands.

When the call sign was allocated a few years back, WIT was known as the Regional College Waterford, hence the EI3RCW call.

Funcube dongle monitoring WSPR transmissions from 80m to 10m
Long wire antenna installed at the college campus
The EI3RCW WSPR station was set up by Eoghan EI5HBB and he has it configured to hop between the various bands on a schedule throughout the day. The software used to monitor the WSPR transmissions is WSJT-X.

The screen shot below some of the WSPR stations heard on 7 MHz including the Swedish Polar Research Vessel ODEN which EI3RCW is helping to track as it makes its way from Sweden to Greenland.

Some of the WSPR stations heard by EI3RCW on 40m

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