Tuesday, January 12, 2021

First contact between Ireland and Croatia on 40 MHz - 12th Jan 2021

During an extensive Sporadic-E opening on the 12th of January 2021, Tim EI4GNB near Dublin, Ireland completed a successful FT8 contact with Dragan 9A6W in Croatia, the first EI-9A contact on the new 8-metre band.

The FT8 contact was completed on 40.680 MHz which is in the middle of the 40 MHz ISM band (Industrial, Scientific, Medical).

As the screenshots above from 9A6W, the signals were quite weak.

The screenshot below shows how EI4GNB was not only hearing 9A6W in Croatia on 40 MHz but also S59F and S50B.

This is a map of the contacts for EI4GNB from PSK Reporter...

The contact between EI4GNB and 9A6W was in the region of 1,974 kms which is a standard distance for single hop Sporadic-E.

40 MHz activity... It was also great to see that a number of stations were listening on the 40 MHz band today. These are the stations that heard S59F on 40.680 MHz on the 12th of January 2021...

Stations hearing S59F on 40 MHz - 12th Jan 2021

Rcvr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
S50B 8m FT8 27 km 18:26:59
SR4DON 8m FT8 994 km 16:13:15
SQ4INP 8m FT8 997 km 16:12:59
EA3ERE 8m FT8 1015 km 13:29:29
G7PUV 8m FT8 1139 km 18:37:30
G4EFE 8m FT8 1236 km 17:00:56
EI4GNB 8m FT8 1628 km 18:29:29
EI7BMB 8m FT8 1648 km 13:16:29
EI9JA 8m FT8 1860 km 15:16:29

1) For more information on the 40 MHz (8m) band, visit my 40 MHz page on the site.

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9A3MR said...

Unfortunately, Dragan 9A6W passed away 22th January due to COVID-19 infection. :-(
Rolando 9A3MR