Tuesday, November 29, 2016

GB3WR repeater heard on 145.600 MHz

This morning, I heard the GB3WR repeater on 145.600 MHz. It was pretty weak and was 4/1 at best but the CW id was clearly audible.

At just under 400kms, it is the furthest signal that I have heard this month. Considering I was using a home made vertical half-wave in the attic, I presume it would have been much stronger with say a beam outside.

Still though, it was interesting to hear a signal from that distance. The map above shows the locations and the key is of course the sea path.

Listening to the conversation this morning, the repeater antenna seems to be on a 200ft mast and the repeater site is at 1000ft above sea level on the Mendip Hills to the South-West of Bristol.

The repeater site is http://www.gb3wr.com/

Update 12:45pm: The repeater is still there in the noise. ID on CW is "GB3WR" and sometimes "GB3WR F". The repeater uses a CTCSS access tone of 94.8Hz which is tone 10 or 'F'. I presume the F in the ID is to tell people what the access tone is.

Update 2:45pm: GB3NC in Cornwall (298kms) was there as well at S'3'. CTCSS code 'C' which is 77Hz. GB3CM on 433.200MHz is in there as well. 
Update 9:30pm: Heard GB3WW near Swansea on 145.775MHz. Distance is 316kms. It gave out 'F' after the callsign ID which again ties in with the CTCSS code.

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