Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Southern Ireland Repeater Network...2m & 70cms

Since I returned to the radio, I have been listening to the 2m and 70cm bands. While the level of activity on FM seems pretty low, the repeater infrastructure on the bands is very impressive.

The largest of these is the Southern Ireland Repeater Network which links up multiple repeaters. i.e. a signal on one repeater appears on all the others.

The coverage is shown below....

2m Repeaters:

Callsign:   EI2DBR
Location:    Devil’s Bit, Co. Tipperary.
Locator:    IO62BU
Output:   145.650MHz
Input:   145.050MHz
Shift:   -0.6MHz
Access:   Carrier

Callsign:   EI2HHR
Location:    Helvick Head, Co. Waterford.
Locator:    IO62EB  
Output:   145.675MHz
Input:   145.075MHz
Shift:   -0.6MHz
Access:   Carrier

70cms Repeaters:

Callsign:   EI7MLR
Location:    Mt. Leinster, Co. Carlow.
Locator:    IO62OO
Output:   430.950MHz
Input:   438.550MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:  156.7Hz

Callsign:   EI7WCR
Location:    Carrickphierish, Waterford City.
Locator:    IO62KG
Output:   433.275MHz
Input:   434.875MHz
Shift:   +1.6MHz
Access:   Carrier

Callsign:   EI7FXR
Location:    Farmers Cross, Cork City.
Locator:    IO51SU
Output:   430.900MHz
Input:   438.500MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz

Callsign:   EI7BWR
Location:    Bweeng, North Cork.
Locator:    IO52OB
Output:   430.875MHz
Input:   438.475MHz
Shift:   +7.6MHz
Access:   103.5Hz

One obvious problem is that one conversation can tie up multiple repeaters but it doesn't seem to an issue as the activity levels are pretty low.

It's certainly a big change from before when there were just simple stand alone repeaters on 145 MHz that didn't connect to anything else.

Additional info..
1) The Southern Ireland Repeater Network website can be seen here... http://sirnrepeaters.blogspot.ie/
2) The repeater list on the IRTS website can be found here.. http://www.irts.ie/cgi/repeater.cgi

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Southern Ireland Repeater Group said...

Nice article, good to see some feedback from users of the network.

Regards de John EI8JA, Southern Ireland Repeater Group.