Thursday, November 8, 2018

FT8 Signals heard on 28 MHz - 6th, 7th & 8th Nov 2018

It seemed kind of pointless putting up daily reception reports for 28 MHz so this is for the last three days. Again, the solar flux is down around 68 which is pretty much rock bottom of the solar cycle.

Tues 6th Nov 2018. Usual mix of Sporadic-E from Europe and some DX as well. There seems to be a cluster of FT8 stations based around Johannesburg in South Africa.

Wed 7th Nov 2018. Usual signals from South Africa and a few nice ones from South America as well.

Thurs 8th Nov 2018. This day was a little different in that there were very few signals.

Don GW0PLP was on tropo from Wales, a few from Netherlands and ZS6LKF and ZS6WB in Johannesburg.

What was unusual here was that only one station in the UK heard ZS6WB. Other than myself, the rest were on continental Europe.

Only two stations in Europe heard ZS6LKF, a HB9 station in Switzerland and myself. That kind of suprised me as I'm just using a half wave vertical 4 metres above the ground.

I also got the impression that there was distinct lack of stations on the band. Lots of those who use 28 MHz when the conditions are good will drop down to the lower bands when propagation get poor.


Don PLP said...

Typo...should 8th May really be 8th November 18

John, EI7GL said...

Thanks Don, I don't know where I got May from. It was November of course. Corrected now.