Thursday, November 8, 2018

QRP Labs November 2018 Newsletter

QRP Labs have just released their newsletter for November 2018 and it can be seen HERE.

Some of the key points are...
#1. New product: 10W HF Linear PA kit ... Really nice 10 watt amp for just $26!

#5. Coming soon: QSX All-mode 10-band 10-Watt HF transceiver kit ... This was due for release in November 2018 but has now been delayed.

#10. 6,000 QCX kits! ... They have sold 6,000 of the CW only transceivers in just 15 months. 6,000 x $49 = $294,000! Obviously that's the sales and not the profit but it shows that there is a fair bit of money being generated by the best selling kit from QRP-Labs. So much for morse code being dead.

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