Sunday, April 7, 2019

28 MHz opens to South America for a third day in a row... Sun 7th Apr 2019

It was a case of three out of three today on Sunday the 7th of April as the 28 MHz band opened to South America yet again. As we are getting closer to the summer Sporadic-E season, we seem to be seeing a gradual improvement in conditions.

The signals heard on FT8 today are shown below. I'd have to say though that the signals were pretty weak. I had the radio on in the background and I didn't even notice the signals until I checked the screen.

The map of Europe in the bottom right shows who was hearing PY2BL today. There does seem to be a limit on how far north the stations were located.

These are the stations according to the PSKReporter website...
9A7JCY 10m FT8 1943 km 15:30:44
PY2BL 10m FT8 9120 km 15:14:44
G4HZW 10m FT8 439 km 15:13:29
DJ5JD 10m FT8 1070 km 15:12:44
EA7DT 10m FT8 1715 km 15:04:02
2E1RDX 10m FT8 485 km 10:26:59
DJ8QX 10m FT8 1058 km 10:08:59
DJ9PC 10m FT8 1400 km 09:53:14
G0OYQ 10m FT8 579 km 08:27:01

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