Tuesday, April 9, 2019

New 40 MHz & 60 MHz Transverters on the way from Spectrum Communications

One of the big problems with the new 40 MHz (8-metre) and 60 MHz (5-metre) bands is the lack of equipment. Spectrum Communications in the UK are now looking at adding suitable transverters for each band to their range.

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40 MHz (8-metres)...

The proposed TRC8-10sL version will transvert 40-42 MHz down to 28-30 MHz. A 5-watt drive on 10-metres will produce 25-watts on the 8-metre band.

With a standard unmodified HF transceiver capable of transmitting 28.000 to 29.700 MHz, this gives a TX range of 40.000 to 41.700 MHz on 8-metres.

60 MHz (5-metres)...

The proposed TRC5-2sL version will transvert 60-62 MHz up to 144-146 MHz.  A 5-watt drive on 2-metres will produce 25-watts on the 5-metre band.

Note that the proposed IRTS 5m band plan has most of the activity in the 58-60 MHz region rather than 60-62 MHz.

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Each unit fully built and tested will cost £290 and this includes shipping. While this is a pretty expensive, it does represent an easy solution to get on the band with a pretty reasonable amount of power.

Link... Spectrum Communications UK

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Pigpen ap Gwent said...

I know that it is against the rules but if the UK adopts the same frequency allocations as the Irish (And why shouldn't we?) the quickest way to get on the air would be to use a wide-banded set such as the FT 847 and an appropriate antenna.
Who me?
Just saying!

Pigpen ap Gwent