Sunday, November 3, 2019

SDRplay announce release of new SDR receiver

On the 1st of November 2019, SDRplay announced the release of their new RSPdx model. This is a software defined radio intended for reception only and replaces their RSP2 and RSP2 PRO models.

It is described as follows..."The SDRplay RSPdx is a complete redesign of the popular RSP2 and RSP2pro multi-antenna receiver. It’s a wideband fullfeatured 14-bit SDR which covers the entire RF spectrum from 1kHz to 2GHz. Combined with the power of readily available SDR receiver software (including ‘SDRuno’ supplied by SDRplay) you can monitor up to 10MHz spectrum at a time.
The RSPdx provides three software selectable antenna inputs, and an external clock input. All it needs is a computer and an antenna to provide excellent communications receiver functionality."

This particular model retails for about €200 / $200 which is twice the price of the RSP1a version.

SDRPlay seem to have a reputation for good SDR receivers at reasonable prices. The RSP1a looks like good value but I guess it depends on what you are looking for. The RSPdx has a metal enclosure with more sockets which might appeal to some.

More info in the video below and on the SDRplay website...

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