Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Commercial 40 MHz transceiver from a Polish company

RADMOR are a Polish company who manufacture radio transceivers for the commercial and military markets. One of their products, the Mobile Radiotelephone 3005 operates at 40 MHz.

To be more precise, the 3005-40 model comes in two variants... one can operate from 30 MHz to 41 MHz and the other one can operate from 40 to 52.5 MHz.

According to the specs, it has up to 32 channels max which suggests that it is designed to be used for a specific purpose i.e. operate on a fixed number of channels. It's not really suitable for say scanning the low VHF spectrum to see what can be heard.

It operates on FM and there is a choice of 12.5 or 25 kHz spacing. The power output is 5 to 10 watts.

The specs also say the current consumption on receive is 3.5 amps. This is 42 watts! It's very likely that it is the power consumption while transmitting.

More info about the radio can be seen on the company website HERE

I suspect that the company may only be interested in selling to companies rather than individuals but I like to keep a list of any 40 MHz equipment on the site.

Thanks to Rob PE9PE for the link for this radio.


NN4DX said...

For 40MHz operation, I would suggest that users look at eBay for several discontinued Kenwood products. These would be the Kenwood TK-630, TK-690, and TK-6110. The TK-6x0 radios are capable of 110 Watts. The TK-6110 is 75 Watts.


Photon said...

At the rated output power, it seems you're right to assume the receive consumption is wrongly stated.

No doubt a Polish product will be well made. But then, being half Polish, I would say that ;-)