Saturday, January 25, 2020

Czech RF10 Military Radio covering 44 to 54 MHz

The RF10 is an old type of Czech military radio operating on FM with 400 channels from 44.000 to 53.975 MHz. The output power is supposed to be just over 1-watt.

The RF output is via a socket for a whip / long wire antenna (shown above on the far left) or via the BNC socket alongside it.

An example of the radio is shown in this LINK

While it does not cover the new 40 MHz 8-metre band, it may be of interest to those listening on the low VHF frequencies or anyone on the 50 MHz / 6-metre band.

Thanks to Robbie, EI2IP for the above link.

Additional info HERE

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Andrew said...

I bought one of these a couple of years ago , it works well on 6m , had a few contacts from hill tops with it . some details here