Friday, April 10, 2020

Short opening to Brazil on 28 MHz - Thurs 9th Apr 2020

Thursday 9th April 2020. Another pretty quiet day with just a handful of stations heard on FT8 on 28 MHz.

Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
PY2BL 10m FT8 9120 km 15:52:44
EB4ADC 10m FT8 1330 km 16:04:14
EA4D 10m FT8 1318 km 16:02:14
DL4CQ 10m FT8 1028 km 12:22:59
PD1BHZ 10m FT8 961 km 10:31:01
G7BXU 10m FT8 512 km 13:30:46
G8DX 10m FT8 429 km 15:59:59
GW7KNF 10m FT8 305 km 20:52:29

Just one lone signal from Brazil in South America.

As we head towards the middle of April, I'd expect to see some decent Sporadic-E openings on the band soon.

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stu neslig said...

i received a chilean station last night around 20:40. lasted for 10 mins or so.
but i was watching tv, he was in and out at up to -12 on ft8 having qso's with ea8+ wp4/USA. will have a listen about that time tonight just in case.
stay safe.