Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Small opening to 28 MHz - Tues 31st March 2020

Tuesday 31st of March 2020. The FT8 frequency on the 28 MHz band was eerily quiet all morning with just one signal from Poland heard. Note that the lack of Sporadic-E signals may have been because the Kp index was at 4. i.e. There was a disturbance in the earths magnetic field.

A high K index is normally associated with poor Sporadic-E conditions.

Things seemed to improve in the evening with a modest opening to Brazil.

Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
PY2WAS 10m FT8 9187 km 18:03:31
PY1KB 10m FT8 8980 km 18:14:29
SQ4OLI 10m FT8 1843 km 09:26:55
CT2FZY 10m FT8 1636 km 19:35:29
EA2ESZ 10m FT8 1115 km 18:23:44

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