Thursday, September 24, 2020

Digital Radio Operating Manual... by Steve Wright, EI5DD

Steve Wright, EI5DD has now compiled a comprehensive manual for anyone in Ireland with an interest in the DMR, C4FM and D-Star digital modes. The 44-page document should be of interest to anyone starting off and even to established users who want to get a better understanding of the various digital systems.

While the guide is primarily aimed at radio amateurs in Ireland, a lot of the material covered should be of interest to interested parties in other countries as well.

The online manual can be seen HERE


Photon said...

Sounds like a good idea. Does it have an opinion about which of the competing VHF modes we are best to follow? Personally, I've given up on all that jazz, but 2m SSB and digital are a firm favourite.

John, EI7GL said...

Hi John. In terms of digital radio voice systems, DMR is the obvious choice. Fusion and D-Star are expensive and the DMR Brandmeister network seems to be the main one these days.

Steve said...

You are really constrained by what facilities are available in your area. In Galway it is possible to try DMR, D-star and fusion. It should be remembered that all Yaesu analog handhelds were expensive in their day. Their current digital models are in the same price range but analog equipmenthas dropped in price since. Indeed, one can buy Baofeng radios but they are barn door wide. The more expensive Yaesu, ICOM and Kenwood handhelds are the natural choice for the discerning. The Chinese DMR clones are reasonable and sound good, but once one enters into the upper end of the market, DMR can also be expensive. I cite Motorola and Hytera equipment as examples. In short, you really get what you pay for.