Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Log-Periodic Antenna from the Netherlands for 27 MHz to 100 MHz

GB Antennes is a company in the Netherlands that sells a wide range of antennas including a log-periodic antenna for the low VHF band. The model pictured above is the GB Log-Per 9elm TX 27-100MHz Custom made Antenna.

Frequency: TX 27-100MHz
Frequency: RX 24-140MHz
Connection: 50-52 Ohm coax cable
Power: 1.5kw PEP
Gain: 5.5dbd- 7.8dBi
F / B: 15-20 dbd
Maximum SWR: 1.6: 1
Wind load: 125kph
Turning circle: 2.75m
Elements: 9
Boom: 2 x 4.65m
Boom in 3 pieces total 6 pieces
Boom connectors: 4 x
Elements: 20-16mm
Boom diameter: 30mm
Insulator pieces PVC: 7x
Pole mounting Isolator piece tree PVC: 1x
Pole mounting: 2 x 52mm pipe clamps
Mounting bolts: stainless steel
Element clamps: stainless steel
Shipping box: 1x 1.60mx0.30x0.30cm
Weight: 19kg with packaging 22kg

It seems to be a pretty rugged antenna with elements ranging from 16mm to 20mm. The antenna also weighs 19kgs!

The photo above shows where the coax cable attaches to the two parallel bars used for feeding the log periodic.

The photo above shows the choke balun that goes to the feed point. The coax is an unbalanced feeder whereas the log periodic has a balanced feed point.

This antenna should have the performance of a 3-element Yagi over most of the low VHF spectrum but that performance over tens of MHz comes at a cost. This antenna currently retails at €675.

Thanks to Rob, PE9PE for the above link.

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