Sunday, June 9, 2019

Danish 40 MHz beacon heard in Ireland - Sun 9th June 2019

There was a good Sporadic-E opening on Sunday the 9th of June 2019 with both Phil EI9KP and myself managing to hear the OZ7IGY 40 MHz beacon in Denmark.

The distance from the beacon is about 1345 kms for Phil and 1390 kms for me.

The screenshot above is from the DXMaps website which has a special page for 40 MHz reports.

Considering the low level of activity on the 40 MHz band, this page is normally blank so it was unusual today to see two traces on it!

These are some of the spots from the DX-Cluster...

EI7GL-@ 40071.0 OZ7IGY 11:37 09 Jun PI4 -19 dB Q=44 es Denmark
EI7GL-@ 40071.0 OZ7IGY 11:26 09 Jun PI4 -14 dB Q=64 es Denmark
EI9KP 40071.0 OZ7IGY 10:53 09 Jun IO54MB ES JO55WM S9 PI4 +20dB Denmark
EI7GL-@ 40071.0 OZ7IGY 10:31 09 Jun PI4 -8 dB Q=100 (es) Denmark
EI7GL 40071.0 OZ7IGY/B 10:21 09 Jun IO51TU ES JO55WM 8m bcn Denmark
EI9KP-@ 40071.0 OZ7IGY 10:08 09 Jun PI4 20 dB Q=100 1345 km es Denmark

The PI4 in the cluster spot refers to the PI4 software which decodes the OZ7IGY signal which alternates between giving out its ID in morse and in PI4.

The amazing thing about the PI4 software is that it can hear the signal buried in the noise. When I uploaded my last spot, it was -19dB and I couldn't actually hear the signal but the PI4 software was able to dig it out of the noise.

More information about this beacon and the PI4 software can be found on the OZ7IGY website.

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