Saturday, August 1, 2020

FT8 Experiment on 40 MHz - 1st to 15th August 2020

Between the 1st and 15th of August 2020, LY2YR & S50B will be experimenting with FT8 on the new 8-metre band.

Gintas, LY2YR in Lithuania will be transmitting on 40.220 MHz.

Borut, S50B in Slovenia will be transmitting on 40.680 MHz.

Both stations will be using the clone programme WSJT-Z in auto-replay mode. Both stations would welcome any reception reports.

S50B and LY2YR will be available for tests with EI stations from 10:00 to 21:00 UTC.

Info from LY2YR.... "Announcement. From 08.01 to 08.15 will work two FT8 Robots (auto-replay mode WSJT-Z),  LY2YR at 40.220 MHz and  the second S50B at 40.680 MHz. For EI / S5 tests during daytime from ~10 to 21 local time, no qsl. Only to CQ calls will be answered, multiple answers will also available. CQ mode by request via the messenger."


Unknown said...

What antenna and power are you using. If it is a yagi are you vertical or horizontal and in what direction.I can monitor but no TX yet on 8m.

Anonymous said...

Hi This is quite interesting I love FT8 I live in South Africa What time will be suitable to listen and look on waterfall for you 73 de Zs2ec Theunis

Costas SV1XV said...

On 9 August at 08:43 I heard S59F (JN65) calling CQ on 40680.8 kHz FT8.

73 Costas SV1XV