Saturday, October 13, 2018

EchoLink now connected to Irish DMR Network

The Irish digital radio community continues to grow with more stations registering for DMR numbers every month. New digital repeaters and gateways have been established around Ireland to allow various users talk to each other.

One of the latest improvements to be made to the DMR network has been the establishment of a link to the Echolink network by John Anderson MI0AAZ. Anyone connecting to MI0AAZ-L under LINKS on the Echolink network will now connect to Talk Group 2724 on the Irish DMR network.

It will also connect at the same time to Yaesu Fusion Wires-X room  CQ-IRL  no 41411,  YSF independent fusion network no 04251 and the Allstar network no 29884.

This is an excellent way for those who are unsure about digital radio to connect to users on the DMR network so that they can ask questions and to see what the audio sounds like.

Additional info...
There are currently three Talk Group channels on the Irish DMR network with  multi bridging capability to other digital voice systems.

DMR TG 2724 links to the following:
Allstar node 29884
Fusion C4FM  YSF node 04251
Fusion C4FM Wires-x node 41411
Echolink node 883269

DMR TG 27247 links to the following:
Fusion C4FM Wires-x 41280 & 41619
Fusion C4FM FCS 00430

DMR TG 27248 links to the following:
Allstar node 47137
Fusion C4FM FCS 00480

Credits : Thanks to John MI0AAZ and Don EI8DJ for the above info.

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