Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Italy gains access to the 60 metre band

It looks as if Italian radio amateurs have just been allocated a slice of spectrum on the 60 metre band.

They will be allowed to use  5.3515 MHz to 5.3665 MHz on a secondary basis with a maximum
equivalent isotropic power of 15 W (e.i.r.p.).

This follows the pattern set by many other European countries that have obtained similar allocations.

From Google Translate....
The Minister of Economic Development approved, with Decree of October 5, 2018, published in the General Series GU n. 244 of 19.10.2018, Supp. Ord. n. 49, the National Frequency Distribution Plan between 0 and 3,000 GHZ. The aforementioned Decree will enter into force, in the absence of an express indication of a different sign, 15 days after publication. Therefore, the new frequencies assigned to radio amateurs can be used, within the limits established by the Decree de quo, after the term vacatio legis.

The frequency band 5351.5-5366.5 kHz is also attributed to the amateur radio service with the status of secondary service. The stations of the amateur radio service using the 5351,5- frequency band
5366.5 kHz must not exceed the maximum equivalent isotropic power of 15 W (e.i.r.p.)


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