Tuesday, October 23, 2018

FT8 signals heard on 28 MHz - Mon 22nd Oct 2018

After the good conditions on the VHF bands over the weekend, I was back on 28 MHz again on Monday the 22nd of October. These are the FT8 signals that were heard...

The solar flux was about 70 which is almost rock bottom.

Some notes...
1) S79LD in the Seychelles in the Indain Ocean was heard.

2) There was a distinct lack of South American stations heard. At the start of October, they were there in numbers every evening. It seems a bit more hit and miss at the moment. Conditions or time of year?

3) Two stations from the USA were heard... W2MGF and N1NK. What is unusual about these is that they are an East-West path which is much more difficult on 28 MHz than North-South.

4) The signals heard on the 19th of October are shown below. There wasn't really too much of interest there to warrant a post about it.

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