Monday, October 15, 2018

FT8 signals heard on 28 MHz... Mon 15th Oct 2018

No shortage of signals on 28 MHz today even though the solar flux is down at 72.

Again, lots of Sporadic-E signals from Europe with plenty of distant DX via F2 as well.

Some of the more usual signals were....
a) 3B8CW in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.
b) TR8CA in Gabon who is always a regular on 10 metres.
c) ZD7GWM in St.Helena.
d) VP8NO in the Falkland Islands.
e) Two Argentinian stations in Tierra del Fuego.
f) W2OR in Florida. This was possibly the most unusual. North-South signals are to be expected so hearing South America and Africa on 28 MHz is good but normal. It's the East-West signals that are harder and usually require better conditions. Looking at PSK reporter, I was the only person in Europe to hear him on FT8 on 28 MHz today. That's is almost certainly due to my westerly location.

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