Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Openings on the 40 MHz band - 1st & 2nd Nov 2021

Monday 1st November 2021: The was a nice Sporadic-E opening on this day and extended in frequency at least as high as the 40 MHz band.

Christian, F4CXO in the east of France heard the two Irish 40 MHz beacons and managed to complete a 40 MHz to 50 MHz crossband contact on SSB with Lloyd, EI7HBB.

  Spotter Freq. DX Time Info Country
G7PUV 40670 S55ZMS/B 19:54 01 Nov 21 JO00AU<ES>JN86CR weak Es Slovenia
F4CXO 40016 EI1CAH/B 15:20 01 Nov 21 JN26PP<ES>IO53CK 529 QSB Ireland
F4CXO 40680 EI7HBB 15:14 01 Nov 21 JN26PP<ES>IO53SQ 50140 X Band Ireland
F4CXO 40680 EI7HBB 15:05 01 Nov 21 JN26PP<>IO53SQ 52 Ireland
F4CXO 40013 EI1KNH/B 14:47 01 Nov 21 JN26PP<ES>IO63VE 539 QSB Ireland

As the DX cluster spots above show, Paul G7PUV in the SE of England heard the 40 MHz beacon in Slovenia.

The two Irish beacons were also heard by a listener in Belgium.

Tuesday 2nd November 2021: There are reports that the ZS6WAB beacon in South Africa on 40.675 MHz was heard by 9H1TX in Malta and SV8CS in Greece. The propagation mode is believed to have been TEP.

G7PUV also reports hearing the ZS6WAB beacon a week earlier when there was a Sporadic-E extension allowing the TEP signals to reach that far north.

Joan, EA3ERE near Barcelona (JN11CX) reports hearing the OZ7IGY beacon in Denmark on 40.071 MHz on the 31st of October at 09:20 UTC. Joan also reports hearing the ZS6WAB beacon on the 30th of October using just a dipole for the HF bands and an ICOM IC7300.

1) Lots of info about the 8m band on my 40 MHz page HERE

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