Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dublin repeater EI2KPR heard

Last weekend, I heard one of the Dublin repeaters EI2PKR on 145.7625 MHz at a distance of almost 200kms. This is located on Kippure which is a 750m high mountain to the south of Dublin.

RX Freq: 145.7625 MHz
TX Freq: 145.1625 MHz
Offset: -600 kHz
CTCSS: 88.5 Hz
Locator: IO63UE

After looking at the path, it seems to thread its way through the mountains that are about 50-70kms away...A) Knockmealdowns B) Comeraghs C) Slievenamon.

The highest obstruction on the path was about 480m high although it may be that most of the signal came over the mountains with the lift conditions.

One interesting point is just how directional lifts can be. It's not a case of there being high pressure and all distant signals get stronger.

GB3PL in East Cornwall is on the exact same frequency. Last weekend, I was hearing EI2KPR with no sign of GB3PL. The previous weekend, it was the exact opposite with GB3PL being the only repeater on that frequency.

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