Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Opening to the Indian Ocean on 28 MHz...Wed 14th Dec 2016

Wednesday the 24th of December was another one of those days where the 28 MHz band seemed completely dead but early in the morning, I received 3 separate transmissions on WSPR from FR1GZ on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

It's almost as if the North-South path is there on a lot of days but there just aren't any stations there to exploit it.

The Solar flux is down around 72 and the K index is a 1.


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Nice to see you back on the air / Blog, hope your keeping well

Dave EI4HT / M0GIW

John, EI7GL said...

Good to hear from you Dave. Still catching up on things and some pretty amazing things are happening technology wise.

John, EI7GL