Friday, May 24, 2019

New High-Performance 10 watt 10 Band SSB/CW kit from QRP-LABS...

Update May 2019 : Hans Summers G0UPL of QRP Labs gave a presentation at the recent Hamvention in Dayton, Ohio about his new QSX transceiver.

The links are up on the QRP Labs website HERE

Just open the slides in PDF format and listen to the podcast from about 51 minutes in.


Original post August 2018

Hans Summers G0UPL of QRP-LABS produces a range of really stunning high quality kits at very modest prices. His current QCX model which is a 5 watt mono-band CW transceiver has sold over 5000 units to date and sells for just $49.

At the YOTA (Youngsters On The Air) construction day last weekend, the participants were building a new 7 MHz SSB and CW 10 watt transceiver from QRP-Labs...pictured above. It's looks as if this kit will be on sale in the near future, possibly the end of 2018.

1) The single band version has a guide price of $75.
2) The plan is to have a 10 band version (10m-160m) for a guide price of $150.
3) It is a SDR based transceiver! As it shows in the slide below, the plan is to have the performance of a high end commercial radio but at 10-20% of the cost.

With the current popularity of FT8, this rig on SSB  is likely to be a perfect match with its 10w and high stability.

Keep an eye on the QRP-Labs website...

Update Fri 17th Aug....

Update Tues 28th Aug... The power amplifier stage reportedly will use two IRF510's in a Push-Pull configuration giving 10 watts across the HF spectrum (2dB variation). The amp is 4dB down at 50 MHz and 8dB down at 70 MHz. This is about 4 watts and 1.5 watts respectively.

Some of the key features...
Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology with standalone Digital Signal Processing (DSP), no PC required
40m (single band) or 160-10m (10-band, including 60m) versions available
Modes: SSB, CW, AM, FM, PSK31, RTTY, WSPR beacon
Power output: 10W from 13.8V supply (power output is adjustable by the firmware)
USB host interface and connector, for USB keyboard to allow PC-less operation on PSK31 and RTTY
USB device interface and connector, for PC CAT Control
QSX can appear to a PC as a high performance 24-bit USB sound card and radio - for digital modes from a PC e.g. FT8
Built-in CW IAMBIC keyer (or straight keying also possible) with raised-cosine key-envelope shaping
DSP features (selectable sharp filters, AGC, Speech Compression, Noise Reduction etc.)
Dual VFO (A/B/Split), frequency and message memories
Through-hole assembly only
Built-in test equipment features for alignment, debugging and general purpose use
Front panel: 16 x 2 LCD (yellow/green backlight), 2 rotary encoders, 4 buttons, mic/earphones socket


John AE5X said...

SSB functionality is not an option - it's an inherent capability of the kit.

Unknown said...

dose anyone know when the software for this kit will be done i want to start using it