Friday, May 10, 2019

Low Band VHF Log-Periodic Aerials from Antenna Products Corporation

Thanks to some info from Rob PE9PE, I came across this commercial antenna website in the USA ...

Part of their wide range of products includes log-periodic directional antennas for the low VHF band of about 30 to 80 MHz.

The general principle of a log-periodic antenna is that they give a modest amount of gain over a very wide bandwidth as opposed to a typical Yagi which has more gain but only a narrower bandwidth.

While these commercial products are perhaps outside the budget of the typical radio amateur or scanner enthusiast, they do give some idea on the performance to expect from this type of antenna.

Some models...

Model : TLP-20 (pictured above)
Range : 20 MHz - 1000 MHz
Boom Length : 5.1m
Gain : Approx 2 to 6dBd
Link :

Model : LP-102
Range : 30 MHz - 88 MHz
Boom Length : 4.5m
Gain : Approx 5.4 dBd
Link :

Model : TLP-28 
Range : 28 MHz - 100 MHz
Boom Length : 4.1m
Gain : Approx 3dBd
Link :

The website of the company is


Anonymous said...

Hi John

Just wanted to let you know about another LP covering Low VHF: model LP028150S by ANjo-Antennen, Germany (

This may be of interest to our European friends (continental shipping). I have seen his stand at European rallies, quite impressive with loads of antennas mounted on alu masts.

73, Phil

PS: I have no personal / commercial relatioship with this company, just for info.


John, EI7GL said...

Thanks for that Phil

I'll put up a post about it so that others can find it.

73's de John, EI7GL