Friday, May 3, 2019

Multi-Hop Sporadic-E on 28 MHz... Thurs 2nd May 2019

Thursday the 2nd of May was for the most part quiet on the 28 MHz band with the band only really opening up in the afternoon at about 15:30 UTC.

The footprint of the Sporadic-E seemed to be pretty small and it moved around. For example at one time, IS0KNG was the only station I was hearing on the band. The map below is an accumulation of all of these small footprints.

I also noticed on PSKReporter that there was a good bit of activity further east and I was just a bit too far west to hear it. Signals for the most part very weak and it was as if the band was just about open.

These are the FT8 signals heard on 28 MHz on Thursday the 3rd of May 2019.

The pink dots on their own are signals that I heard but didn't get uploaded to the PSKReporter website.

There are some interesting ones in there including multi-hop Sp-E to Cyprus, Bulgaria and Lebanon. UW5EJX/MM off the coast of Angola was also heard.

161515 -20 -0.1 2484 ~  CQ UW5EJX/MM
162515 -16 -0.1  420 ~  IU2LVV EA6AU RRR
180530 -14 -0.2 2120 ~  F5CVI OD5ZF -18
182545 -13 -0.0  727 ~  7X2TT 5B4ALJ -07
191145 -16  0.0 1440 ~  SQ7BFC LZ1VDR -05
201115  -1  0.0 1102 ~  <...> LY3W KO14

Just two beacons were heard. LA5TEN near Oslo in Norway but it disappeared very quickly and the SK0CT beacon near Stockholm which was the first time I have heard it this year.

EI7GL 28292.6 SK0CT/B 16:34 02 May IO51TUJO89XK Sweden

FT8 signals heard on Thurs 2nd of May 2019. Stations over 2000kms in bold..

Txmtr Band Mode Distance Time (UTC)
IY1ARS 10m FT8 1612 km 19:38:29
IU8GWJ 10m FT8 2147 km 19:37:59
E73S 10m FT8 2240 km 19:37:44
IU8DKG 10m FT8 2356 km 19:35:14
IK5QCX 10m FT8 1780 km 19:24:29
IZ0EGA 10m FT8 1930 km 19:22:59
F1RAD 10m FT8 1273 km 19:19:44
IV3XAZ 10m FT8 1697 km 19:17:14
IZ4JMA 10m FT8 1628 km 19:13:44
E73DPR 10m FT8 2239 km 18:59:44
S57CNT 10m FT8 1785 km 18:33:29
9A5N 10m FT8 1890 km 18:31:14
9A6CC 10m FT8 2064 km 18:27:14
YT5DLT 10m FT8 2256 km 18:18:14
9A9TT 10m FT8 1868 km 18:08:29
DL9RDM 10m FT8 1501 km 18:06:14
OE4VIE 10m FT8 1846 km 17:50:14
HA2DT 10m FT8 1966 km 17:45:00
HA8QJ 10m FT8 2197 km 17:31:59
YO7YO 10m FT8 2506 km 17:24:59
DO8KAS 10m FT8 1039 km 17:23:44
YO2LLL 10m FT8 2257 km 17:21:29
OE1TKS 10m FT8 1687 km 17:20:30
OM3DX 10m FT8 2125 km 17:02:59
OM8FR 10m FT8 2045 km 16:59:30
IS0KNG 10m FT8 1940 km 16:51:29
OM8KT 10m FT8 2118 km 16:48:59
EA5IBI 10m FT8 1578 km 16:28:44
EB5EEV 10m FT8 1566 km 16:27:44
OH2VMP 10m FT8 2225 km 16:25:59
EA5BLD 10m FT8 1622 km 16:22:45
EA5ICV 10m FT8 1507 km 16:22:29
SQ3M 10m FT8 1741 km 16:11:59
EA5CMP 10m FT8 1620 km 16:09:59
EB5JSX 10m FT8 1489 km 16:05:59
DO1JTS 10m FT8 1080 km 15:13:20
IZ4BKI 10m FT8 1781 km 13:00:47
G0OYQ 10m FT8 579 km 12:52:45
SP9HWD 10m FT8 1896 km 11:45:30
DJ8QX 10m FT8 1058 km 11:35:29
PD1DL 10m FT8 921 km 11:33:28
DJ1AA 10m FT8 1256 km 10:44:06
G1MHU 10m FT8 504 km 09:01:51


PE4BAS, Bas said...

John, I always have a look on your blog to see what you heard on 28MHz. Now, I probabely missed something but can't find your antenna setup? Curious what antenna you listen on. I also see no spots on the map from you. Are you just listening? Or throwing out a CQ as well? 73, Bas

John, EI7GL said...

Hi Bas

My antenna is a basic half wave CB type vertical antenna about 5 metres above ground level so it's pretty basic. The advantage though is that it is omni directional and there are no nulls.

I just listen! Maybe after uploading 100k+ 28 MHz reception reports to PSK Reporter, it might be time for me to TX :o)

Actually, sending out regular CQ calls when the band seems dead is useful for checking to see if the band is open.

Thanks for the feedback.

John, EI7GL